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The roguelike where you're the boss!

Landlord of the Labyrinth (or Labylord as I tend to refer to it more colloquially) is a concept I thought of one day, thinking about all of the games where you get to play as the big bad. While several examples exist, none follow the traditional design of a roguelike, which seems unfair as some amount of infrastructure and forethought has to go into the dungeons you raid—they can't just spring up overnight!

So in Landlord of the Labyrinth, you're the boss of the dungeon. You can freely pick and choose what to start as, but instead of venturing down, you're cleaning up an old or neglected stronghold and following a goal in your own time. You start with the assistance of a servile imp named Jeeves who helps handle the paperwork and communications, and you can rent out rooms to monsters—or even whole floors to tribes! As this progresses, more civilised nations may keep their eye on you, and whether they like what they see or not is up to how you keep the order and whether you see more aggressive monsters as a liability or a benefit.

During your time as the owner of the dungeon, you're free to chat with tenants, explore the dusty corners of your dungeon, fight or warn off pesky adventurers who come and think of you as treasure and experience, and ultimately seek what it is you've taken to the depths of a dungeon to plot out—or choose to go another route entirely!

For the sake of portability, Labyrinth of the Landlord is being written in Python and Pygame first and foremost, though interest in a text-based library as a backup is not off the table. As the project stands, the game itself is mostly conceptual, with basic framework tests having been written thus far. I will likely handle the development in an open manner once there's enough of a game to warrant putting up.