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Welcome to Prerisoft!

This is the personal website of Temia Eszteri, and the location of her projects and other development work. It's still a little rough around the edges, but I do hope you find something worth your while here and enjoy your stay.

Latest news:

Sky Eraser, Launch! (2013-12-31)

I haven't posted to Prerisoft in a long while, but that's because I've been increasingly hard at work on Sky Eraser. I was only able to get a demo out by the year's end, but I'm proud to have gone from nothing to this in just one year, even while juggling so many other things!

I hope you'll enjoy my project, even if I've still got a long way to go as a developer and a programmer.

Sky Eraser project page


Something New and Fresh (2013-07-03)

I've done some reworking of Sky Eraser's page and added a screenshot showing recent advances in development. I might actually have a demo up before too long, if I keep the pace I've been going at.

Likewise, I've posted up a utility I kludged and then cleaned up for public use, named Joygraph. Check if out if you're interested.

Another game in progress may be posted in the future...


And yet it moves (2013-04-28)

While I've been mostly spending my months since the last update working on Sky Eraser, there were a couple of little problems with Prerisoft that were bugging the heck out of me, a couple being semantics issues that nagged at me since conception, and the other being an unexpected failure at runtime (where Comic Sans of all things claims to be a cursive font on most systems that lack something better).

As such, I've spent the last few days finishing my build scripts for the site and rolled out the appropriate changes. This is the result you see here, with the site now being fully built from Python scripts back at home, more semantically tidy and with standardised dates, and most importantly 100% Comic Sans-free.

In due time, I'll post some updates with Sky Eraser, now that updating the site's much less of a chore.


Hello, world! (2013-02-26)

This is the first news post of the site, a site that's still very much incomplete as are the rest of my projects, but it's a site nonetheless.

To start, I've put up a proper project page for Pytone, as well as tentative ones for my two current game projects. Likewise, I've put up a basic links page as well as an about page. It's not much for now, but as I get my current projects out of the way, I can surely spend some more time properly developing and improving the site, as well as putting up a proper dev blog.

Until then, enjoy.