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About the Author

I'm just an unassuming and quiet person living in rainy Seattle, spending my free time coding, tinkering and baking. Nothing all that special. Temia Eszteri is just a pen name, but as an advocate of privacy, it's one I prefer to go by exclusively online so as not to get my private life involved where it doesn't have to be.

About the Site

Prerisoft is a site I put together for the sake of showcasing my projects - not much thought went into the idea behind it, and the design I pursued was thought up on a whim, even. Still, it suits my purposes. While it's most certainly static, I manage it with a set of homemade scripts which simplify content creation and design maintenance. It was either that or go to Wordpress, and that idea proved to be a bad one after the string of exploits found for the system.

Prerisoft could not be realised without the help and support of the many folks of the Clever Pun and Possibility of Interminable Reciprocity communities, but especially not without Rikai and Thomas, who provided moral and technical support respectively while I struggled with the arbitrary beast that is manual website design—especially where CSS is concerned.


Wish to contact me about something? I've got a few ways to be reached: